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Meet Dr. Gonzalez "Doctor Rock"

Dr. Bernardo D. Gonzalez III opened the 24th St. Dental office on July 1, 1985 after graduating from UCSF June 1983. His college career also included a B.A. in Science from San Francisco State University prior to entering the UCSF School of Dentistry.

After graduation he began his dental career working for the Marine Engineers as a staff dentist for 2 years while building the practice that stands today in operation for 33 years on 24th St in the Mission District. The practice received the prestigious San Francisco Legacy Award for business' that have existed for over 30 years in the same location. Once operating a second office in Redwood City, Dr. González decided in 1995 to concentrate his efforts in his Mission District office to better serve his community.

While concentrating his efforts here on 24th St., Dr. Gonzalez was able to serve on the Board of Directors for The Mission Economic & Development Association, as well as Mission Cultural Association as President.

Dr. González also has worked many years in the music business beginning with working as a volunteer for his mentor, the late great Rock Empresario Bill Graham. From these early beginnings he was hired to be on staff with the Bill Graham Presents security staff known as “The Blue Coats”. These years served unbeknownst to him, as training for Dr. González in the music and 

concert promotion business where he went on to manage bands and produce events including numerous Cinco de Mayo concerts, produce 

San Francisco Carnaval and his favorite, The “Voices of Latin Rock” Autism Awareness Benefit concerts which he produced for 10 years in honor of his son Alex, starting the Alex Speaks Foundation to distribute funds generated from these events to Bay Area schools working with autism.


These are areas where Dr. González has participated and become well involved in the Mission community over the past many years to better serve and know his community. Dr. Gonzalez volunteered his services at a local organization, CARECEN, which aided people coming to this country with their basic medical, dental and legal issues. His practice has developed to concentrate on general family dentistry which includes pedodontics, periodontics, endodontics, restorative and minor oral surgery with an emphasis on preventative from the early years from 3 years and older.


The office also works with a network of very qualified specialists in all dental fields in which referrals can be made if the treatment is beyond the scope of this office to take care of the patients needs.Dr. González continues to take continuing education in the dental field as required to keep his license in good standing. Please feel free to call Dr. Gonzalez and his staff if you have any questions that we can help you with. 

About Us


Routine Exams


Preventative care is at the core of our practice and philosophy. It is the most important step in managing your oral health. We believe in a patient-centered approach, combining excellent service with modern care. If you need a new dental provider in San Francisco, California

Dental Fillings


Fillings are a safe and effective way to restore function and appearance to damaged teeth. If you need a filling, our team can help you feel better and get back to eating and drinking normally.

Crowns & Bridges


Our team takes great pride in helping you feel good about your smile again by providing expert crown and bridge placement.

Dental crowns are caps shaped to look like teeth that cover a damaged tooth in order to restore strength, function, and normal appearance. Dental crowns completely cover any remaining tooth so they fit seamlessly into your smile.

Dental bridges involve two or more crowns being placed to fill a gap between teeth. Bridges help restore function and improve the appearance of your smile when you need more than once tooth replaced.


Dentures help return normal oral function, preserve facial profiles and enhance muscle strength.

Dentures are the most straightforward way for Bloom Dental patients to replace all of their teeth at one time. If only a few teeth are missing, removable partials are an alternative to full dentures. Like bridges, partial dentures replace a few teeth at a time – except they are removable. If any diseased tooth needs to be removed before the denture therapy, the gum tissues are allowed a period of healing for the best fit possible.

Immediate dentures are a faster alternative for tooth replacement. Rather than waiting for days or weeks to recover, the teeth are delivered the very same day as teeth removal, preventing the need to go without teeth while you heal. At the follow up, our expert dentists then adjust the dentures to fit the healed oral structures comfortably.




Veneers are made out of a thin layer of porcelain, designed to attach to the front surface of your tooth. Veneers improve the appearance of your smile as you teeth appear brighter and even across your mouth.

Porcelain veneers can hide just about any type of tooth discrepancy, from gaps between the teeth, stained enamel, chipped or broken teeth and crowding.  The convenience of porcelain veneers allows you to have straight, white teeth without invasive or painful treatments.

Whether you only need on tooth treated or an entire set, porcelain veneers can help you achieve a brighter smile. The dentist takes an impression of your teeth in order to create a model from which to create your custom veneers.

The dentist adheres the porcelain veneers with a light-activated cement. Adjustments to the shape and size of the veneer can be made to reach the perfect fit. Once the veneers are in place, they can last up to 15 years and help you achieve a more natural smile. Your dentist will discuss how to care for your veneers to ensure their longevity.

Emergency Dentistry


Our dental team can help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no matter what the issue is. We are always on-call. Calm, fast care prevents many complications that could lead to expensive treatments.


Our wide variety of emergency, restorative, and cosmetic treatments can resolve your pain and return your smile. From tooth-colored fillings for cavities and broken teeth to pulp therapy for dental abscesses, our office has everything on-site for emergency dental treatments.

New and existing patients are always welcome for urgent or emergency oral health needs. Contact us immediately for the care that you deserve.

Tooth Extraction


Teeth need to be extracted, or removed, when they are beyond damaged to be repaired effectively. Major tooth damage occurs following an injury or due to decay. Even though adult teeth should last a lifetime, in these cases tooth extraction may be the only option to keep the mouth healthy over time.

If a tooth cannot be repaired safely, they may need to be extracted for your oral health. Teeth need to be extracted for a number of reasons, including:

  • When they prevent proper tooth eruption, or there is overcrowding

  • Upcoming orthodontic treatment

  • Before radiation or chemotherapy treatments

  • Impacted wisdom teeth that damage the jaws or adjacent teeth

  • When undergoing medical treatment for organ transplants or cancer

Tooth Whitening

24th Street Dental offers teeth whitening options that give you dramatic results in a short period of time. Our dentists offer both in-office teeth whitening treatments as well as take-home kits. Our whitening services lighten much more effectively than anything available over the counter.

In-office teeth whitening is a same day treatment that brightens your teeth by multiple shades in one hour. One of our dental specialists applies the gel to your teeth and a bright light accelerates the results. Results are dramatic and you walk out of our front door with a brighter smile on the very same day.

Family & Child Dentistry

Children have different dental care needs than adults, and parents should make sure that their children see a pediatric dentist around the age of one. Family dentistry practices feature dental care services for both children and adults, conveniently treating the entire family at the same practice.

Our team offers family dentistry services, including oral surgery and orthodontics for both children and adults.

Children require specialized dental care to ensure their oral health for years to come. One of the key elements of children’s dental care involves empowering your child with the right oral hygiene education and access to preventive pedodontic care to avoid problems before they arise.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Comprehensive and preventive dental care

  • Oral hygiene instructions

  • Preventive sealants

  • Orthodontic (braces) referrals

  • Digital X-rays (70-90% less radiation exposure)

  • State-of-the-art computerized patient records

  • Composite resin (white/tooth colored) fillings

  • Nitrous Oxide and Oxygen (laughing gas)

  • Oral sedation/ I.V. sedation


If your child has treatment needs, we have a wide variety of options to make your child have the best treatment and experience possible. We offer in-office sedations.

Our Services


Years of Experience


Satisfaction  Guaranteed


Happy Staff




"My experience was beyond great from the exceptional customer service at the front desk Staff to the ultimate professionalism of Dr Gonzalez and the hygienists.  I'm very pleased with my dental office of choice."

Blanca F.

Dr. Gonzalez is a great dentist and his staff is very nice.  I have always had great treatment and continue to be very pleased with the work.  This may be the best dental practice in the Mission.  I have never wanted to go anywhere else.“”

Dr. Bernie Gonzalez is an amazing dentist - definitely is responsive to handling pain - you never see or feel the needle coming and the atmosphere in the office is relaxed with always great tunes grooving!“”

Stephanie D.

Brian W.

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Our Address

2720 24th Street

San Francisco, CA 94110

Telephone: 415-282-4566

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  10AM – 5PM

Saturday – Sunday  Closed​

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